Tom Rogic Was A Great Celtic Servant. It Is Sad That He Has Not Found A New Home.

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The news last night that Tom Rogic is being released from his contract at West Brom is sad but somehow inevitable. He never settled there, he drifted in and out of the team. He made 23 appearances in all.

He scored only a couple of goals. At 30, he is unlikely to find himself out of the game for too long; there will be interested parties.

I loved watching Tom Rogic. He is one of my all-time favourite Celtic players.

He was stylish and aggressive and knew where the net was.

He was prone to scoring big goals in important games. I was gutted when I realised we were losing him, especially when he went in what are supposed to be his prime years. But for what he gave us, I had the utmost gratitude.

I really hoped that he would find himself a good home at West Brom and go on to be a fantastic success, one of the driving forces which got them back to the Premier League.

It’s all gone wrong. Cutting him loose after one year is a real surprise. I think it’s even a mistake. I hope that some club in the EPL takes him on. He would be an asset to a good attacking team.

There will be some whispers about him “coming home.”

That would also be a mistake, for him, if not for us. I can see the logic.

I can see the sense. I can see where he would fit in and do tremendous things with Ange at the helm. I think he played his best football for the club last season with the boss running the show. I don’t doubt he could hit those heights.

But he wanted a change of scenery and it’s not his fault that it hasn’t worked out. Players can return to their previous clubs, and sometimes even succeed, but Rogic will not want to do that. He left because he recognised that it had become a comfort zone of sorts; going back to Celtic would be an admission of defeat. He’s 30. He isn’t beaten yet.

Tom Rogic needs to get the next move right, one that challenges him and reignites that fire he had at Celtic Park.

I don’t think he could find it returning to our club, which means we’d get a lesser player and he would have a lesser experience. I sincerely want him to get it from his next contract, because he deserves it for the years he gave to us.

Of course, if he were to call Ange and Michael Nicholson and tell them that the reason it didn’t work out is that he missed what he had, realised how good it was and wants to come back … well, in those circumstances, we’d be getting a top talent and that would be a no brainer, wouldn’t it? A guy can dream.

But I think he dreams different dreams now.

I hope he can realise them.

We will always have our great memories.

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  • Kevan McKeown says:

    Gave us some great lifetime moments TR. It’s somethin ye dae have tae credit Rodgers wi tho. Up until he arrived, ye knew there was a player in there wi Tom, tho he wisnae really consistent. When BR came in, he brought the player out in him, difference was night and day. Think there’ll still be clubs out there who’re interested in him. Ah hope so.

  • Jim the tim says:

    Absolutely a top notch guy ,,and brilliant fitbaw player ,, sad when he left

  • Johnno says:

    Wouldn’t class it as a surprise myself James.
    Tom Rogic made himself a huge fan favourite and quite rightly so, in been able to produce so many magical moments within his celtic career.
    Yet I would still class Rogic as a luxury player that very few club’s can afford within today’s game.
    Very few team’s can dominant possession in the manner that we do, that can allow to carry a Rogic type of player, who remains able to produce them magical moments that the lack of workrate without the football, and giving the ball away to frequently can get overlooked moreso with ourselves.
    Sad to say that the Rogic type player is going to become a lost art within today’s game.
    May still be a place available within a team as a sub when a game opens up moreso in the latter stages, yet the signs can’t be great if he wasn’t able to produce at West brom.
    Sad to say I actually fear for the future of Tom Rogic especially within the British game.
    Would like to think he can still finish his career upon a high and possibly the MLS could be the best destination for himself now imo.

  • Effarr says:

    Celtic never got their money`s worth out of Rogic, great talent as he was. People seem to have short memories. How many times was he injured? How long was he ignored by people like Lennon? How many 90 minute games did he play before Postecoglou came? It was Ange himself who stated, when he was the Australian manager, that Rogic would need to leave Celtic for the sake of his international career. Why did he scarper as soon as Ange`s first season ended?

    Even the Australian manager couldn`t make contact with him before the World Cup and told everyone to just leave him alone, knowing his nature/problems.

    There was talk of him leaving a few times over the years but it never transpired. I am not in the least surprised that he is being released: there is something wrong that we don`t know about. I just hope it is nothing mental and that he finds
    a team that suits him and has a longer career but talk about him coming back is pie-in-the-sky. I would love to have
    seen him stay as I believe he had his best years at Celtic under Ange but I feel life in the fast lane wasn`t for him.

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