Ex-Celtic Striker Skewers Ibrox Boy Band Wannabe With His Razor Sharp Pen.

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Well, that didn’t take long did it?

Just days after Todd Cantwell foolishly opened his yap and launched a deranged attack on big Chris, Sutton has responded just as we knew he would; firing acid tipped darts from his razor sharp pen.

To say that he hit the mark would be an understatement; he aimed for the bullseye and melted it. And this is only the start. Cantwell better get ready for more.

If you want to measure Todd Cantwell’s IQ you should start from knowing that he attacked Sutton after our former striker had thoroughly annihilated The Mooch over the course of their own wee vendetta.

Whereas a manager has too many things on his mind to be messing about fighting with a journalist, for Chris Sutton taking shots at guys like him is exactly what he gets paid for day in and day out, and so he literally has nothing better to do.

Having watched The Mooch being eviscerated like that, you’d think even this moron would have had enough sense to keep his gob shut and do his talking on the pitch.

For someone whose hype is very obviously way out in front of his talent, he’s got enough problems already looming when everyone in the Ibrox stands figures that out without a mainstream journalist who not only has newspapers columns and radio slots but a presence on TV pointing it out.

Loudly. Repeatedly. Sniggering the whole time.

Cantwell obviously hasn’t heard that old adage about never picking a fight with someone who buys ink by the barrel, and Sutton pours nitroglycerine into his ink for added effect. And today he unleashed the first of many barrages in the Ibrox player’s direction.

“For someone who has had a bang average career, he doesn’t half have a high opinion of himself,” Sutton said. “The truth is he’s better known for his social media presence and being on TikTok than being on the pitch and if I was him, I’d want to address that … Staying relevant? I don’t do Kate Bush type dances on TikTok to stay relevant. I’m told he does; I don’t have a TikTok account … I’ve had a role north of the border for a decade and do you know what? Pundits talk about all Scottish teams so that’s why I talk about Todd Cantwell and (his club) but I also talk about Hibs, Hearts, Aberdeen and all the other Scottish teams. That’s my job.”

He then made a few suggestions about how Cantwell might do his own a bit better.

“This is a guy who along with the other (Ibrox) players have had a not great start. The manager got sacked. What would I be doing in this situation? I’d be keeping my head down; I’d be keeping my mouth shut and I’d be training hard and working a way back to a certain level of form before even thinking about spouting your mouth off. He’s oblivious to it all and that’s the most worrying thing. This is a guy Michael Beale signed. Essentially Michael Beale’s big players, Todd Cantwell included, didn’t turn up in big games. Todd Cantwell went missing in action against PSV in the Champions League, missing in action against Celtic.”

Then comes my favourite bit.

“Go back to last season in the big meaningful games against Celtic. What’s your memory of Todd Cantwell? Taking a water bottle away from the Celtic midfielder Reo Hatate. Not the ball, a water bottle.”

Ouch … that one has to hurt, right?

And he wasn’t even finished there!

Sutton gave him it with both barrels and then delivered the coup de grace by talking about his rant against his former club Norwich as well.

“I read some of his quotes about Norwich City. The five managers previous to Michael Beale, they all discarded Todd. Why did they discard Todd? You fall out with one manager and that may be understandable. One maybe wrong, could it be two? We’ll give him that, we’ll give him three if we’re being generous, but five managers all thought the same. When is the penny going to drop and is Todd going to take some responsibility for his own actions. Do your talking on the pitch … The fact he talks about himself in the third person tells you what you want to know about him … He should learn from Michael Beale. The (Ibrox) fans eventually saw through Michael Beale … Michael Beale ended up losing his job because of it and people will see through Todd.”

When you go through those comments it’s clear that this is not Sutton on a rant. That is forensic. That is detailed. That is specific and targeted and devasting.

In tabloid celebrity journalism that would stand up as a superb example of what they call a “take down piece.”

As Cantwell clearly has only limited interest in being a footballer and would obviously prefer to be in some sort of showbiz setting, I think it’s appropriate, and brilliant, that Sutton has treated him like some sort of boy-band wannabe.

If Cantwell hasn’t realised already how stupid he was to open himself up to this, he should go over those comments and recognise that it was a huge mistake. If he’s got any sense it’s not one he’ll repeat, but what do you reckon the odds are on that?

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  • TonyB says:

    No sense and no male genitalia apparently.

  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    Offfftt – Brutal yet so so true !

    Sutton played for The Tic – And he doesn’t half play for the Tolk !!!

  • Peterbrady says:

    The Belgium will punt him he knows clement when it matters most tik tok Barbie doll will get him his p45 the same with the munchkin they are done at ssevco

  • Dora says:

    That didn’t take long for a knockout response from Chris.
    One feels there will be many knockout jabs aimed at Mensa Toddy from the legendary Chris Sutton!

  • Neil Smith says:

    Reading the full Sutton comment, it’s spectacular. The big man destroyed him.

  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    Sutton on the Button !!!!

  • SSMPM says:

    No doubt c.ntwell will only become more entrenched in this exchange. He’s so properly in love…with himself. He, probably rightly, thinks he has the backing not only of their fans across the city but also of pretty much all the press and media outlets in Scotland and he will no doubt get very good supportive feedback from them for his barking thus enhancing his self image and concept of himself still further. For me, he is striving to become a Beckham type character and is trying to follow in that pathway but he really isn’t the pretty boy he thinks he is though he is pretty spotty. Holy moley.
    Yet Sutton somehow, as a result of intellect and force of personality, still manages to overcome and rise above them and their influential power. Sutton really surprises me in that and what he is able to achieve in spite of them. He really is a typhoon, no storm in a teacup. As he points out he’s been around a long time in Scotland and will be here long after the bluebottom flies off in his pursuit of increasing adulation.
    However if your an attention seeking megalomaniac the old adage of any attention is better than no attention springs to mind with C.ntwell. As I think is being alluded to by Sutton, he is only using the rankers as a platform to not only improve his self concept but perhaps will instead only ever achieve the dizzy heights and fame of a Made in Chelsea, TOWIE type stardom. He can play a wee bit which can look good because it’s at SPL level…but in terms of becoming the status and fame of a Beckham footballing and fashion guru, who btw was way below a Messi or Ronaldo, well that’s a stardom way beyond him.
    Where I do disagree with Sutton, I do think he’s overly exaggerated him, is that I don’t believe C.ntwell has even reached the bang average career level. HH

  • Roonsa says:

    It was a complete roasting and the boy deserved it as he’s deliberately setting himself up as the waspish midfielder who likes to get under the skin of the opposition. Whilst, at the same time, he plays to the bleachers which isn’t exactly that difficult to do at Ibrox given the average IQ of that place is in the single digits.

    However, that said, he is only a boy. When I was 25 I am fairly sure I did and said some pretty STUPID things. The problem for Cantwell is, everything he does and says is reported by the media up here. It’s like shooting fish in a barrell to big Chris it’s a win-win for him. Because, on the off chance that Cantwell does turn things round and starts putting in the performances his (all too easily led) adoring fans expect of him, Sutton will just say he gave him the kick up the arse he so sorely needed.

    It’s peak Sutton. He is, quite simply, the best fooball pundit / reporter / journalist (whatever he calls himself) up here. He is excellent entertainment. Keep it up, big guy.

  • Stephen Mc Dowell says:

    Cantwell is a self-obsessed dose, its always been the same with him, mincing around the pitch like a deranged show pony, he’s totally in love with himself and will never be unfaithful, he’s obviously thick as mince too if he reckons he can take Sutton on and the “quality” of his self indulgent rant would shame a 10 year old, …….best thing about this is he’s too stupid to shut up so there will be another big Chris mauling very soon. My guess is he’ll be shunted out on loan in January, rangers need players with backbone and a bit of fight not some self obsessed deranged preening spoofer.

  • Eldraco says:

    Todd is a wit with an f on the beginning . That’s one for the Aussie lads here.

  • Kevan McKeown says:

    Arse handed tae him on a plate. Brilliant. Overrated nobhead that he is.

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