Todd Cantwell’s Celtic Unravelling Is Another Big Win For Snarky Sutton’s Acid Pen.

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I thought Chris Sutton had a terrible “game” the other day.

I thought his comments were daft at times, and bordered on the outrageous. His need to seem “balanced” tipped over into moronic suggestions that Celtic players who were simply showing determination to win the battle were “walking the tightrope” or risking red cards.

He was too quick to brand the “penalty” call as one and too fast to write off the vicious elbow in the face of Matt O’Riley.

I like Sutton. I don’t always agree with him.

But he knows what’s important and what isn’t and in the aftermath of the match he looked as pleased as The Village Idiot looked glum faced and scunnered. Sutton is far more professional than he is, and his glee was not out front and centre, but he looked positively beaming and well satisfied with what he had seen over the course of the game.

One moment other than the goals and the final whistle will have filled him with a savage joy which he must have fought manfully not to revel in; the moment when Cantwell went off to the sarcastic cheering of Celtic Park ringing in his ears.

Cantwell was owned in that game. Owned by McGregor, by Bernardo and by O’Riley. He looked lost against them, and the captain in particular who openly laughed at him at various stages in the match and seemed to be having a fine old time at his expense.

Sutton did not rub his face in it too much. Which I commend.

This is the ultimate proof of what a pro Sutton is in the pundit’s box; he criticised Cantwell but only in the context of the game. He did not bring out the flame thrower, as others – the spewing Village Idiot for example – would have undoubtedly done. He will save that for his columns or for his other media appearances over the course of the next few weeks, and Cantwell will feel the full force of it. There is no doubt that it will come because Sutton might be restrained but the player himself virtually begged for this and the big man will make sure he gets it.

Cantwell ought never to have gotten involved in a public spat with someone like Sutton. In order to even stand a chance in a debate of that sort you need to be as good as you think you are, and even if Cantwell were ten times better than he is that’s still ten times less than he needs to be to reach those standards. He really does see himself as a superstar amongst lesser mortals in this league, and everywhere he goes there are halfwits like Jackson to feed his ego.

Sutton did his homework on this guy. Sutton knows that several managers at Norwich didn’t fancy him. He blames Cantwell and others for getting The Mooch the sack. He knows that Clement has grave doubts already and has expressed them in public, and his joke about how the only thing Cantwell did the last time he came up against us in a major match was steal a water bottle “not the ball, a bottle” was especially funny because it was true.

Cantwell is lucky to be at a club where he’s valued at all, but performances such as the one he turned it at Celtic Park will see him out the door before long. Ibrox’s amazing habit of finding sub-par players and lying to themselves about how good they are until they no longer can or will, and then jettisoning them as utter failures continues to grow. He is but the latest in a long line including Kent and Morelos. There are several in the current side, like Raskin, but Cantwell is in a class of his own because he believes every bit of his own hype.

Sutton has played with, and against, too many top players to be fooled by this prancing wannabe who our former striker has accused of having a Tik-Tok obsession when he should be focussed and driven to succeed in the job he’s paid to do.

Sutton, on the other hand, continues to do his and whether I’m in agreement with him from one week to the next or not, he’s a professional and he acts like one. Had Cantwell done the same he would not presently be in that man’s gunsights and waiting for the shot to ring out. It will come, there is nothing surer. And he deserves it.

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  • Fraser says:

    Glad someone highlighted the elbow on Matt , sterling also went thru on Taylor and was booked at that stage , media have said ziltch. Goldson cheap shot on Kyogo , nothing.
    They are near broken if we as a club , fans team management unite we can inflict severe damage, financially and emotionally.

  • Roonsa says:

    Cuntwell will be back in the EFL before long. And at a team of a lower standard than Norwich who are steadily getting worse since Pukki left for the States.

    If I was to put money on it I would say QPR as he probably fancies himself gadding about West London as a dandy.

    I’d be amazed if Beale wanted to save him from that Ibrox hellhole but I can see that being the narrative in the papers when the huns need some dosh to buy their next dud.

  • king murdy says:

    you nailed it james….why, oh why do they go for these type of payers ?
    but after saturday, reading their blogs, an awful lot of them are finally seeing him for what he is…
    he has got skill, just nowhere near as much as he thinks he has…i think if he had buckled down a few years ago he could have been so much better….this other dick they got on loan from wolves looks like cuntwell mkII…we’ll see…
    calmac absolutely destroyed him, and possibly his future with sevco,,,now THERE is a player…..

  • SSMPM says:

    Haha there’s only one ‘f’ in professional and that’s big Chris. Though I reckon he’s at his best when he’s not being quite so Sky ranker supporter nice as he was at the weekend. Couldn’t please them more in his jumping in agreement of anything disagreeable to them & their Sly supporters.
    Also, couldn’t agree less with his, far to quick, blank disregard of any claims Celtic had, O’Riley and Turnbull in particular. Almost Celtic board like in his lack of complaints and support for our club in that regard.
    Sadly Sly tv is the British public face of the Glasgow derby and Chris will definitely keep his seat with them if he keeps that up. They don’t read his Scottish press truth unfortunately. Btw that’s a fine photo of a clown at the top of the page. HH

  • Kevin Dunne says:

    If it,s talent was as big as his mouth he,s be a,player but he,s an average league one player maybe mid table championship team at best , just another in a very long line of mouthpieces trying to lick fans butt,s and fall flat on their faces .Mon the HOOPS

  • Charlie Green says:

    Glad someone’s brought this up and think Sutton’s comments today is because he must have watched the match again and listened to his ” soup taking” commentary.
    Thought he had gone to the “dark” side.
    Love these get out phrases
    “Lucky boy”, “Could go either way” etc.
    The elbow on O’Riley seemed deliberate and viscious but Big Chris got in right away with “not deliberate”. Just saying nothing would have been bad enough but he is doing his best to make up for it today, I guess.
    As for Lennon joining Boyd in calling for a Sevco penalty show he is bitter and anti-Celtic.

  • John Copeland says:

    I loved the bit on the SS gantry after the derby win for Celtic where Sutton and Kenny of the Miller were on post match analysis duties ‘ live ! ‘ Talk about ‘little and large ‘? Big Sutton stole the show with Miller looking like a puppy dog had just pee’d on his new suit strides . Celtic need more of Chris Sutton and others to ruffle the feathers of the ‘establishment’ in wee Scawlin …at all times ! The big man can dish it out big time ,but can take it back too . Do others have the same qualities ? Yeah sure ….

  • Bob (original) says:

    We have our own reservations about the quality and depth of our own squad,

    yet Cantwell started today against KIllie!

    That speaks volumes about Clement’s squad:

    no wonder he’s starting to lose the plot in public… 🙂

  • JimBhoy says:

    Cantwell should have paid money for the football lesson he got from CalMac, the best footballer in Scotland.

    Cantwell like some similar predecessors has some talent but does not have the mental fortitude for the game. He likes to put the boot in but brush against him and it’s an injustice…

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