The Village Idiot’s Meltdown On The Kyogo-Shankland “Debate” Has Celtic Fans In Hysterics.

Image for The Village Idiot’s Meltdown On The Kyogo-Shankland “Debate” Has Celtic Fans In Hysterics.

One of the most satisfying things about the weekend was seeing The Village Idiot scramble with that gurning look on his face as the rest of the panel asked him if he was standing by his comment about Lawrence Shankland being the best finisher in Scotland in light of Kyogo’s finish which even the Ibrox boss, for all his own moaning, described as “world class.”

I’ve looked at the reaction online, and I’m pleased to see most people find it as hilarious as I did. His meltdown was second only to the one from Clement.

The Village Idiot didn’t get that name for nothing.

This is the guy who once tried to draw public attention to the number of goals he scored in Scotland’s top flight as compared to the number Larsson scored.

All that did, of course, was bring home to people what a delusional egotist he is, and how thick. It’s the sort of thing that deserved mockery forevermore and cemented him as someone impossible to take seriously in any manner.

There was a certain inevitability to Kyogo scoring against the Ibrox club, and every person at Celtic knew it because they knew he’d get the kind of space he hasn’t had recently against other sides. On top of that, we’ve watched him score outrageous goals in the past two years and so there was always a chance of him pulling off something otherworldly.

The Village Idiot set himself up to look like a mug here, and his snarking reaction to being asked a simple question was that of someone who does realise how stupid he looks, and that he should never have put himself in that position.

And oh how we laughed!

When it comes to his central claim about Shankland it is so daft as to be un-spinnable.

Shankland played for a brief time in Belgium, as The Village Idiot himself played for a brief time in Turkey, but these guys are SPFL level footballers and it’s widely accepted that Kyogo could go and play virtually anywhere in Europe.

But Shankland, who has spent a lot of his time in Scottish football’s lower leagues, is a better finisher than him? Dear God.

I mean, this is one of those debates where you don’t really want to get into it even though you know you are right because it is such an absurd one.

But it was the way he stubbornly refused to shift his position even after it had been held up to ridicule which astonished me and made this a worthy point to discuss.

The wee man made him look like a chump and his petulant, idiotic reaction to it confirmed again that he is totally amateurish and should not be near punditry.

The more you see this clown the more you wonder how he ever wound up with the gig in the first place. There has to be an answer to that.

I’m told that it’s a cronyism thing and that his best mate’s old man has a senior position at Sky and if I can pick up that titbit surely people at Sky have to be asking how someone this stupid and unprofessional has wound up on the air?

Nevertheless, there are times when just seeing his wee crying coupon is a pure pleasure and this was one of those times. The question about Shankland was so obvious that he must have known it was coming but he looked for a second like a man who had been hit in the face with a wet fish, then the lower lip quivered and he started to squeal.

And it was as hilarious as the Japanese Bhoy’s goal was magnificent.

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  • Gordon Bennett says:

    He is not the village idiot, he’s the understudy still in training to become a “fool” village idiot following in the tiny footsteps of Neil McCann

  • John Copeland says:

    To my eyes Shankland is slower than arthritis and a chunky bit of blubber overweight for a professional football player . Sure he can score goals , but would you trust him to stay fit when he is overweight…I wouldn’t ! I have a nice feeling Kyogo will be on fire now he has his confidence back after Saturday’s brilliant derby win performance !Not bad for a guy with the body profile of a flat jockey .

  • Celtic fan says:

    Its not his fault hes a clown its sky fault they aloud him a platform to be anti celtic not a pundit a bigot.time sky binned him

  • Andrew Lamb says:

    Iv,e said this before I, am familiar with the village he comes from and I can assure you, he’s fvcking Turing. Seriously if this balloon had been even less pish at football than he was he’d be wiping your windscreen when you went in for fuel. I don’t expect you to let this through but I mean every word because it’s your stereotypical Ayrshire town where your dugs a hun and if he’s not he’s your tea. The hair weave and the teeth cannae cover the pure ugliness of this cvnt. Just shows you talent means fvck all. Because he has none and we can laugh all we want but he’s fvcking minted. Fanny.

  • Quietly Brilliant says:

    Well Said Sir!

  • Raymond Carmichael says:

    His interview with Clement was unbelievably cheesy, worse than the Jim White/Laudrop interview!!
    He is a total embarrassment to punditry.


    James where can I view the melt down. I caught the game on Sly Sports but had go out straight after final whistle.
    Duty called, family ehh, who’d hiv thum.

  • Lordmac says:


  • Jambo says:

    Pml Shankland is for a start a top striker, in Belgium he was played as a winger, not his usual position. When he was played as a striker by the new manager he scored. Would he score for celtic and rangers? Yes, he would. He knows where the goal is. But, Kyogo is a little magician to compare a striker like shankland to kyogo in football terms is madness. Kyogo does everything, crazy goals, movement, creates space where’s there is seemingly none, pops up out of thin air like a ghost. He’s a magician simple as, shankland can pick a decent pass at times but he only does this when he drops back deep looking for the ball in frustration. As a Jambo coming across this article, I thought it was madness to even write it giving Boyd the coverage just saying

    • James Forrest says:

      Your club certainly has to hang onto him at all costs mate. Frankly, the club across the city couldn’t afford his train ticket anyway!

  • Kevan McKeown says:

    When you listen to the pundits on the likes of EPL matches and compare them with boyd, ye realize what an absolute clown the guy is. No original contribution, just constantly states the obvious and will deliberately twist his REAL opinion on decisions, when it’s pro- ibrox or anti- Celtic. So why have someone on who’s that stupid and blinkered. Sky for some reason, obviously think its a good idea, havin him on as their novelty Celtic hater.

  • Frank Connelly says:

    the reason he’s at Sky is obvious. Its them rubbing our noses in it. Consider that Celtic supporters protest to sky about his comments a while back when we wanted him binned, There reaction to continually stick him on there Saturday panel show commentating on English games. Gessa break . Much like the Beeb with McCann

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