No Violins For Ibrox’s “Injury Problems.” Celtic Has Had Them All Season Long.

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If, like me, you woke up this morning to headlines about an “Ibrox injury crisis” you may well have been scratching your head wondering what in the Hell could possibly have happened to cause that literally overnight? And then I checked one of the stories. Yilmaz picked up a knock whilst away with his national team. Prognosis? Nobody knows.

So this might not even be an “injury” far less an “injury crisis.”

He joins the “list” of crocks including Ryan Jack, Cortes, Sima, Danilo and Dowell. Forget that two of them are purely and simply rubbish, one is a loanee who has done very little and Danilo is one of those players who defies belief that they ever paid big money for him. Sima was marginally effective.

Since the start of this season, we have lost two of the best players from last season, one to a shock transfer and the other to a long-term injury and then a shock transfer. Hatate has been out for months. We’ve lost McGregor for a spell. Carter Vickers has had two injuries. We signed a centre back, played him once, and out he went for over a month.

Brendan Rodgers has quite literally never been able to choose from a full-strength squad. Not at any point in this campaign. Not once. We’ve not just lost fringe men and a loanees; we’ve lost core players of last year’s treble winning squad.

Even now we’re looking at our team and wondering who exactly can we get up to speed for Ibrox, knowing that some of them might not be fully fit in any case. We have been patching this up, glueing it together, constructing it out of spare parts all season long.

And yeah, the media has covered that. But not with a sob story.

To call them losing one member of their bloated squad an “injury crisis” on top of that handful of players they have out is to abuse the term.

Half the players they’ve lost to injuries this season have come back into their team over the last few weeks and all of them will be fit for the run-in unless whatever they are doing in training is even worse than whatever we’re putting players through.

At the time of writing this, Hatate may or may not be fit. We may not risk Carter Vickers for next weekend’s game, although it’s a must win match, because it’s played on a plastic pitch. It’s not clear who we would replace him for in that game. On top of that, Scales has missed the last couple of games and we still have no idea if the captain will be fit.

That’s an injury list. In the context of this season it’s probably not an injury crisis, but only because the whole campaign has more or less been like this for us … and so it’s long ago become routine. Just another thing we have to cope with.

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  • Dinger says:

    Remember when Richard cough couldn’t play for Scotland but managed to turn up for rankers

  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    A Sevco Hun Football Player is ‘injured’ –

    Bloody Hell – Lets have a full week of national mourning on an industrial scale because of that tragic event then…

    For Fuck sake – They truly are a National Embarrassment…

    No I’m not talking about Sevco – As even the dogs in the street know that they are –

    I’m talking of course about The Scummy Scottish Football Media !

  • SSMPM says:

    Just a shame some, soz all, of the press, radio and media don’t have hand and mouth syndrome. I know there’s no such thing but wouldn’t it be lovely. HH

  • Fat mike says:

    You forgot that the only reason that signed half of these ‘world class talents’ was due to their questionable injury records… it was a crisis waiting to happen with a gullable audience pen’s at the ready

  • Michael Clark says:

    Unfortunately we can’t get Jota back ( and he was a game changer). But if we can have a fit Carter-Vickers with Reo Hatate and Callum McGregor back in the midfield I’m confident we can go to Ibrox and win. What a difference Hatate back in the side will make. I would also play James Forrest against them he gives them a torrid time everytime he plays against them

  • DEREK BAILEY says:

    Absolutely spot on James. I think folk do not appreciate just how great a job Brendan has done with so little. History will perhaps see him appreciated.

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