Celtic Fans Will Soon Be Asked To Buy A Pig In A Poke And Most Of Them Will.

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As we head towards the end of this season, there are still things that we just don’t know about the summer. We don’t know if Rodgers will be there, although more and more I suspect that he will be. We don’t know if Lawwell will be there, but it seems incredibly likely although he should long ago have reached a point of no return with the majority of the fans.

Home games are not what they ought to be. They should be volcanically hot for that board of directors. They have gambled with this campaign.

Their failures on so many fronts might cost us big time.

You would not know that sitting in the stands at Celtic Park. These people feel under no pressure at all. In another few months it won’t matter.

Because this club is hurtling towards season ticket renewal time, and Lawwell and the rest of them can, at this moment, be supremely confident than when they ask for the fan’s money that they will get it. Most fans are not going to boycott, few are even going to delay buying tickets, but if the atmosphere in the ground was sufficiently hot that might put some doubt in their minds … they have no reason to worry at this point and they know it.

What makes this especially nuts is that Lawwell will have convinced himself that he still has the majority of the fan base on his side.

What’s crazier still is that the club will ask fans to put down their money when we have no idea at all what kind of team we’re going to be watching.

We’re being asked to spend that money blind.

No-one has presented a plan. No-one has told us what sort of transfer strategy we’re following. It’s not even clear the club knows.

Nobody has the least bit of confidence in those running our club. They don’t even bother to pretend they are offering us a vision any longer. The silence is deafening.

The arrogance of it is breathtaking, and the only reason they continue treating fans with this contempt is that they know they can.

They know that because they are comfy in their directors’ box seats. They know it because when they put those season ticket forms out they’ll sell them all.

In the meantime, we’ve watched a team go backwards and seen these people suffer the embarrassment of having their hand-picked yes-man in the recruitment department resign.

Probably to stop the manager from doing it instead. They think that single sacrifice will be enough, when his daddy is the real source of our angst and mistrust.

Our manager is going to spend the Ibrox game sitting in the stand because these people have utterly failed to reform Scottish football. Fans aren’t just being asked to buy tickets to watch a team when we don’t know how that team is going to look but these people are also asking to buy tickets to watch a game which some of us believe is corrupt.

These people shouldn’t be allowed to get away with their grotesque mismanagement of this club, and they have. The time to put them under pressure was at any one of those home games where the anger was freshest and the disgust at the state of the season was at its peak.

By the time we know how this story ends a lot of people will have already committed to next season, and we do not have a clue whether we’ll even be ready for it or not.

They have a damned cheek even attempting it. But they will.

It’s the egotism that they show in every facet of how they run Celtic. And all the talking shops and proposals for fan boards in the world are not going to shift these people one millimetre when in the meantime they can sit in those soft seats of theirs and watch our manager struggle to work with the tools at his disposal, knowing they tied his hands, and will get away with it anyway.

We’ve done nothing to motivate them to be better.

When it comes time to hand over the money, that’s all the vote of confidence they need.

That’s why aside from some quality matches over in America I am very, very worried that the summer will be long, and frustrating and way before it is over a lot of the people who paid upfront will wish they hadn’t.

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  • Bob (original) says:

    Guess “progress in Europe” could be the mantra again from PL and the Board ?

    It worked effortlessly for them last year…

    well, until the season actually started. 🙁

    And PL and the Board don’t do shame nor originality.

    • Hugo Duffy says:

      In politics you get what you vote for, Celtic fans can protest all they want , as long as they keep giving their hard earned money to Celtic, no pain, no gain, the board needs their hard earned bonuses,

  • Graham Laurie says:

    There needs to be an EGM called for a vote of no confidence in Lawwell and the other dinosaurs on the board James. I’ll admit that I’ll be renewing my season ticket as I’m in section 406, North Stand rear….HOWEVER, there are OTHER ways of hitting the board in the pocket to let them know they can’t take us for mugs. Boycotting hospitality and merchandise.

  • Bunter says:

    I can only agree. We Celtic supporters are loyal to the club, and to a degree that allows this board to trash our manager, and to leave us supporters undefended against the daily onslaught from the MSM and the weekly corruption of our game from the SPFL and SFA. We need to wake up. But not renewing is a big step. I will probably renew, but try to find a way to register my discontent with the board. As always, Support the team, sack this ineffective board.

  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    Well – They won’t get mine James as I decided upon that a good wee while ago now…

    However if I like the new strips (even at the ripe old age of 53) then maybe I’ll get them…

    But we shall have to wait and see about that given all that money in the bank and Sevco being potentially Champions-Elect on 7th April at their age of today of 11 years and 235 days old !

  • Batfink says:

    Sack the board

  • Stevie says:

    See all the mugs already pledging their money to next season already. They are part of the problem because the more the board takes the piss and gets awqy with it, we will continue to go backwards

    • Droopy McCool says:

      There are no “mugs already pledging their cash to next season already” cos there’s no means of doing so. Except verbally maybe. The problem is you withhold your money and you lose your seat cos someone in the queue will nip in. We all know this, so what’s the point of punishing yourself? I could give up my seat that I’ve sat in since the ground was rebuilt and the only ripple it would cause would be with me.

      • Jim(original) says:

        The point of punishing yourself?. Well some of us gave up our season ticket for that very reason, we could no longer take the punishment doled out by the people who run our club. How much punishment does it take?, allowing yourself to be cheated week in and week out, without saying a word, allowing the MSM and others to denigrate both the club and the supporters, again without saying a word, helping an odious club who’s biggest achievement is surviving one of the biggest cheating scandals ever seen, refusing to even attempt to reform the bodies who allowed with our help, the covering up of said cheating, especially when given such a golden opportunity to do so presented itself, putting a team on the park which is a shadow of what it could be, given our resources, which is especially evident in Europe, and clearly evidenced by teams with far less resources consistently doing far better. Last but by no means least, seeing us never take advantage of a position of strength, and if anything, downsizing to allow the Rangers to remain competitive against us. It is soul destroying, and don’t think for a minute that this goes un-noticed by the players, affecting both ambition and performances.
        So a little more pain, or punishment as you call it, on top of all this, should be easy to take, when such transformative changes could be brought about by taking action.
        Well said James, pleasantly surprised by the support for your thoughts above in the comments.

  • J Campbell says:

    Return your season ticket for a refund, I’ve done it before.

    • Ace Rimmer says:

      Then the next person in line off the Waiting List takes it off you and you go to the back of the queue if you want to get it back.
      Therefore you are forced to suck it up.
      Thing is that the board know this, and it’s one of the reasons they continually get away with it.

  • Jim Duffy says:

    Of course the board lap up the Celtic faithful through and through fans who will keep on buying STs and merchandise no matter what disasters this board comes up with ,that is why this board will always be there , because they know the gullibles will keep on giving,we don’t know if Rodgers will be here ,we don’t know if we are going to tool up to try and get some credibility back in Europe,we don’t how much more the board will pander to SFA, Sevco ,the Scottish media,but still we keep the board in the style they are accustomed to,and then if if it all goes tits up we ,have little chants ,banners ,tifos of dissatisfaction and the board tell us we’re entitled and spoilt,to accept that they know best so just shut up and pay up and be thankful we’ve got you a WORLD class team,the same world class team that can’t progress in any Euro competition.

  • Michael Clark says:

    Unfortunately everything you have said is annoyingly correct. And your right again stating that arrogant board WILL probably see out just what you’ve said. So who’s fault is this, ours or theirs!?!? If you have a football club who DON’T give 2 monkey’s f**ks about the people that follow it, then maybe we don’t buy season tickets, we don’t buy the new jersey’s and maybe our billionaire owner might get of the golf cours and do something about it because money is his biggest motivation

  • Paul says:

    You just have to look a the keeper we have been linked with, a 28 year old Dutch keeper who has spent his whole career at a relegation fighting team. He is available on a free transfer.
    That tells me what sort of summer we will be having. I gave my book up after 9 in a row and won’t get another until the board are gone

  • Michael McCartney says:

    A catch 22 situation if ever there was one, Any demonstration against the board during the last seven games would result in us losing the League, I have no doubt about that.
    Whether you like it or not most Celtic fans are not happy with the board but give them the choice between sacking the board , which would be impossible in the short term, or winning this League then most would most definitely choose the League. Clubs at war don’t win trophies, just look at Man Utd or Everton recently.
    I’m really surprised at you raising this just as BR and the team need our support. For a guy who obviously rates BR as a manager, your call for demonstrations and boycott of season tickets is puzzling.
    If you think DD and the board would go quietly then you’re wrong. Things would have to get very ugly with more failure on the pitch before any change would take place. Most Celtic supporters in my opinion are not willing to go down this road and I’m sure BR wouldn’t welcome it.

  • Ross Crawford says:

    Couldn’t agree more and Iv said it season after season. The contempt this board have for fans is utterly disgraceful.

  • James o rourke says:

    Does the author of this article have any affection for celtic? Some of us are faithful through and through.sure we would like to see better stewardship,but do not enjoy our own fans bad mouthing our club.

  • LimeGreenBhoy says:

    Can I have your season ticket James

  • Jim says:

    One decision I’ve made is to come off the HCTS scheme. If we’re playing Europa league football rather than CL that’s unforgivable and I’ll choose to keep the better part of £200 in my account and not the Plcs.
    I’ve also already boycotted all merchandise this year such is my disgust with the Board

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