The Yang Appeal Decision Is A Corrupt Joke. Celtic Should Be Furious About It.

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In a move that will surprise absolutely no-one, the SFA has rejected Celtic’s appeal against the Yang dismissal when that one should have been a certain victory for the club, and they didn’t even take the idea of the appeal particularly seriously. The signs were obvious.

I knew this afternoon what the decision would be. I knew it the moment both Robertson and Beaton were given a Scottish Cup quarter final.

Neither of them should be near a major competition game in the aftermath of the weekend, and that they were so swiftly given a high-profile match was a public vote of confidence in them both which Collum certainly didn’t get following the Ibrox club’s criticism of him.

The referee’s association screamed hysterically, something else they failed to do in defence of Collum, and they have gotten their way.

In dismissing Yang’s appeal, the SFA is standing by their men. Rodgers is also now almost certain to find himself in the dock over the comments, and will face a touchline ban. Celtic have to be going tonto over this, it’s so blatant. They sent a signal before our appeal had even been properly considered. There was no prospect at all of us winning it.

Celtic now has to decide how it responds to this. There is no point in tub-thumping unless it’s combined with action. It’s high time we started putting this stuff to rights and an announcement that we are no longer willing to pay for VAR would be a step forward. It has been weaponised against us and in rejecting the appeal in the manner they’ve done the SFA has expressed clear contempt for the club. And because we’ve been weak in the past we probably deserve it.

This title race could very well be decided by the officials, and if it is decided by them (and let’s not mess about, we know in whose favour that would happen) Celtic fans are going to have more reason than ever to be pissed off with those who run our club.

Because we’ve allowed this to go on for far too long. Refereeing reform is not complicated or difficult. Bring in the rules they have in England. Allow the league to consider referees from outside the SFA. Hire VAR professionals from elsewhere … or we stop paying for it and let the other clubs, those which want to, pick up the slack. Most won’t want to.

And commit – finally – to working with others towards a root and branch clear-out of the whole way in which Scottish refereeing works. Introduce a system of accountability.

Make these people pay for the mistakes that they make and there’ll be a lot less of them. Instead, two of the most incompetent (or corrupt) refs in the country have just been rewarded instead, and their work signed off on as though they’d turned in an A plus paper instead of dogshit vomited off ChatGPT.

Listen, the SFA are a corrupt shower.

The culture in that place stinks to high heaven. When a head of referees feels like he’s working in a place where he can send out sectarian emails that says it all.

That he lost his job for it anyway doesn’t change the fact that he believed there would be a general acceptance of that act. Nothing has changed in there.

So, whilst I have no doubt that Celtic will be unhappy, that unhappiness cannot be allowed to manifest itself in some foot stamping and huffing. If we don’t take action then we deserve everything we get. These Peepul are laughing at us tonight.

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  • Phelim grehan says:

    Next time a decision goes against Celtic wrongly , Brenda needs to take players off the pitch , it’s the only protest the club had left , it will focus the worlds attention to theist corrupt foot association in Europe , probably the world , but it will stop if he does this

    • Jimmy says:

      Can’t believe some of the comments here.
      Sevco got a goal because of Lagerbielke and Robertson dissalowed it after Var input. Never a foul. St Mirren got a player sent off at parkhead recently for nothing, no comment anywhere let’s move on. WE ARE PAPERING OVER THE CRACKS. Our team is shite. You wrote a few weeks ago James that we need to get the Bernardo deal done now after he had a good game v sevco. What’s happened, he has gone missing since that game. Him and the other imposters in the team are going to cost us the league. Last minute goals against dross and everything is fine. We are on the road to nowhere. A story about is what our focus should be.

    • Johnny Green says:

      That would never work.

      Three points lost and the league lost along with it, CL money lost, and does anyone else in the world really care?

      And everything is lost and nothing’s won….

  • scousebhoy says:

    our gutless board should have took action from that first day shocker at tynecastle last season then we had the jota goal at motherwell offside when he received the ball ?. enough proof to blow them out the water and let the world see the jncompetence , bias. but sadly they just sat back and let the team and fans down.

  • Dinger says:

    Celtic should withdraw from the Scottish cup tell the sfa that they are taking them and Thier refereeing buddies to court for corruption and blatant cheating

  • DixieD says:

    Lets face it, that appeal was never going to succeed. And our board will now puff up their cushions and take their seat at the back of the bus and carry on with their “we tried our best” mantra. The same nonsense they spew out after every failure. ‘The Bunnet’ would be all over this shit-show! Can you imagine the response of this board if a key signings registration was intentionally delayed? Probably something along the lines of “we tried our best.” What does Dermot Desmond actually do at our club?

  • John L says:

    If they overturned that decision. That would be them admitting there was something wrong, it ain’t ever happening.

    There is enough evidence out there showing how corrupt they are, if they make an example of BR ! Celtic should say, see you in court.

    We should no longer conform to, Dirty, Cheating, Spineless Bastards.

  • Bob (original) says:

    Withdraw VAR funding,

    and The SRA’s match officials will NEVER get to

    World Cup or a Euros Finals – and maybe European club games?

    Use the VAR money to hire refs from England / Europe,

    as necessary.

    At least proposing the above ‘might’ get a reaction from the

    halfwits at Hampden…?

  • Stevie65 says:

    Oh for another champion like Paul McBride, he would be having a field day with this corrupt shower.
    We know it’s been going on since the inception of the League, now more than ever with the introduction of Var its blatantly used to either benefit one club and hinder others.
    Corruption in plane sight and if we don’t stand up to it, then we deserve everything we get.
    The people at the Top at Celtic need to be all over this and challenge the SFA at every turn.

  • Jim says:

    True, true and true again

  • Tam says:

    Try blaming the correct people in the correct order… Crawford Allan has the power to act if someone screws up or in Beatons case “cheats”. The SFA/SPFL employ Mr Allan and if he doesn’t want to apply the rules sack him. But Crawford Allan, and the SFA/SPFL, are happy with the way the referees are cheating. To help”the rangers” and hinder CELTIC……AS I have said on many occasions…if the punishment for cheating is NO punishment why stop cheating…. and to give high profile games to two referees before an appeals case against them has concluded shows utter contempt for the appeals process

  • Pan says:

    Celtic need to take this to court!
    The SFA are obviously as corrupt as has been proven before by a much more honourable person, namely Fergus McCann. No one at Celtic can match him for honour.
    All the video evidence necessary is available to use.
    Why the hell are we in such a dysfunctional football association?
    They lie down to the Ibrox club and punish everyone else.
    They can get away with anything because cowards let them.

    • Magua says:

      The problem is Pan, that Lawwell & Co are up to their necks in the ongoing corruption. There are quite a few handshakers on the board. They will do nothing to confront their fellow Masons.

      Hail Hail.

  • Pan says:

    All the head knocks we have had this season and Kyogo knocked unconscious and not a single punishmen dished out to those who caused them. What a filthy, corrupt set-up!

  • Gerry says:

    No surprise whatsoever James. The Sevco Fan Association are complete barstewards & have excelled themselves as per usual.
    As you suggest, our club now has to stand up defiantly for once.
    Oh for wee Fergus back and even Dr Reid, to show some leadership and the ability to take on these charlatans.
    There is a complete lack of accountability on these refereeing performances which are at the level of a Saturday afternoon youth fixture…and I’m probably doing those guys a massive disservice! Sunday’s showing, by the Chuckle Brothers, just served to increase the lack of trust we have, for honesty and competent officiating at our games.

    The Lanarkshire Loyal & SFA incorporated, have closed ranks, backed their brothers and will now look to inflict further pain on our club, when applicable.

    Celtic show some balls now, and stand up for our club, our fans and for the future good of football in this country! Get these cheating cretins removed and move for full reform !

  • Jim Duffy says:

    Yes I think if it’s possible we should stop paying our slice of the VAR, travesty what can the SFA SPFL do to us? The same as they done to sevco for welching on the Cinch sponsorship,that lot never advertised any cinch but still got their cut of the sponsorship money and then Cinch cut the deal short didn’t they.its time our club started throwing it’s considerable weight about,or as I suspect we’re frightened to because SFA have us or more specifically liewell and desmond by the baws,over the 2012 5 way agreement.

  • Dougie smith says:

    Hear hear , stop paying for VAR , the club ownersAve been bending over for far to long

    • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

      Good idea Dougie (and the rest that suggested it)…

      But I’m sure Sevco could afford to make up the shortfall for something that’s been very very beneficial to them –

      After all they’re gonna have mega millions in the coffers next season…

      Largely thanks to VAR amongst other things !

  • Henry Mackay says:

    Just a joke we’re the laughing stock of the football world with you lot too blame not only Celtic that have the problem but most of the clubs have had some sort of problem with the officials

  • Joe McQuaid says:

    Refusing to pay for VAR will take their new shiny toy and the referees’ licence to officiate in Europe and the international stage away from them. I believe it’s our maximum leverage and will give wider the refereeing community a hard choice to make.

  • James Ward says:

    I wish we had our former owner Fergus McCann in charge, there’s no way they would get away with this on his watch.Absolute joke while that mob get away with doing what they want.Cunts.

  • James McAllister says:

    What board complete fucking tossers a discrace that’s what they are and get the other lawell to fuck

  • Gordon Raeburn says:

    The statement issued by Celtic this evening is exactly what you expect from them. Why are they disappointed when they should be raging. Even more proof none of the board are up to the task. Don’t expect them to take on their pals at the SFA.

  • Bunter says:

    Great article and totally on the money comments. Get Dermot Desmond and his son out of my club. The Desmond’s have been getting an easy ride with the flack landing all over Lawwell (deservedly) But Desmond is the real problem at Celtic. He should be the focus of our anger.

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