The Yang Appeal Decision Is A Corrupt Joke. Celtic Should Be Furious About It.

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In a move that will surprise absolutely no-one, the SFA has rejected Celtic’s appeal against the Yang dismissal when that one should have been a certain victory for the club, and they didn’t even take the idea of the appeal particularly seriously. The signs were obvious.

I knew this afternoon what the decision would be. I knew it the moment both Robertson and Beaton were given a Scottish Cup quarter final.

Neither of them should be near a major competition game in the aftermath of the weekend, and that they were so swiftly given a high-profile match was a public vote of confidence in them both which Collum certainly didn’t get following the Ibrox club’s criticism of him.

The referee’s association screamed hysterically, something else they failed to do in defence of Collum, and they have gotten their way.

In dismissing Yang’s appeal, the SFA is standing by their men. Rodgers is also now almost certain to find himself in the dock over the comments, and will face a touchline ban. Celtic have to be going tonto over this, it’s so blatant. They sent a signal before our appeal had even been properly considered. There was no prospect at all of us winning it.

Celtic now has to decide how it responds to this. There is no point in tub-thumping unless it’s combined with action. It’s high time we started putting this stuff to rights and an announcement that we are no longer willing to pay for VAR would be a step forward. It has been weaponised against us and in rejecting the appeal in the manner they’ve done the SFA has expressed clear contempt for the club. And because we’ve been weak in the past we probably deserve it.

This title race could very well be decided by the officials, and if it is decided by them (and let’s not mess about, we know in whose favour that would happen) Celtic fans are going to have more reason than ever to be pissed off with those who run our club.

Because we’ve allowed this to go on for far too long. Refereeing reform is not complicated or difficult. Bring in the rules they have in England. Allow the league to consider referees from outside the SFA. Hire VAR professionals from elsewhere … or we stop paying for it and let the other clubs, those which want to, pick up the slack. Most won’t want to.

And commit – finally – to working with others towards a root and branch clear-out of the whole way in which Scottish refereeing works. Introduce a system of accountability.

Make these people pay for the mistakes that they make and there’ll be a lot less of them. Instead, two of the most incompetent (or corrupt) refs in the country have just been rewarded instead, and their work signed off on as though they’d turned in an A plus paper instead of dogshit vomited off ChatGPT.

Listen, the SFA are a corrupt shower.

The culture in that place stinks to high heaven. When a head of referees feels like he’s working in a place where he can send out sectarian emails that says it all.

That he lost his job for it anyway doesn’t change the fact that he believed there would be a general acceptance of that act. Nothing has changed in there.

So, whilst I have no doubt that Celtic will be unhappy, that unhappiness cannot be allowed to manifest itself in some foot stamping and huffing. If we don’t take action then we deserve everything we get. These Peepul are laughing at us tonight.

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  • Jim says:

    VAR should be removed from Scottish football, end of , sickening thing is we’re paying for corruption, no ” REFS ” at Euros, so removing VAR doesn’t even matter as an excuse for these cheating charlatans, FIFA ,UEFA , know a closed game where the see it , as an earlier post by another comment says pulling our funding of corrupt VAR is our way of answering to SFA , or AKA (Sweet Fk All) is the best way to deal with this blatant corrupt so called organisation.

  • Martin Fitzpatrick says:

    This has been going on for decades
    Every season without doubt
    The one and only time Celtic stood up to them,
    Fergus McCann, Celtic were proved right
    Nothing has changed since then
    It’s not only in football
    It’s a cultural thing in Scotland

  • Stephen says:

    Protect the blue pound at all costs.
    We deserve everything we get.


    James, Dallas didn’t lose his job for sending a Sectarian email.
    His dismissal was on the grounds that he had ‘missused SFA Systems and Equipment’.
    They knew that they had to bag him but they couldn’t admit to the Sectarian content as it would
    imply that the SFA, themselves as an Organisation was Institutionally Sectarian.
    In the end they fooled nobody and confirmed it in spades when they referred him for a post on
    a Refereeing committee at EUFA. Taking care of a ‘Brother’ in his hour of need.

  • SSMPM says:

    The script was pre determined. Literally speaking this is the perfect rigged ball game. The power lies with them.
    There’s no point in appealing to the SFA. A direct challenge to the corrupt actions over the years could well be challenged at EUFA and the Court of Arbitration for Sport.
    Should that fail we should seriously look at abandoning this league. As unpalatable as it is we should get out and join an alternative set up.

  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    Sunday was clocked by quick a few on forums from The English Championship…

    Most while accepting that the penalty we got was soft are still very sympathetic towards Celtic this time –

    Regardless all the damage has been done and the ramifications continue with Yang suspended and Brendan also and probably suspended from The Glasgow Derby match…

    They are trolling yous –

    Yous who pay through the turnstiles to watch the whole farce…

    I did also for probably too long – Then when the grey brigade said nothing about Doncaster saying that Sevco and ‘Rangers’ were the same club – Absolutely – That was it for me from that moment on –

    I took personal action and while I miss it (seeing Celtic live at Parkhead) I don’t regret my course of action in any what way whatsoever indeed…

    They say that for evil to prevail, good men do nothing –

    I guess then that I am a good man – For evil is prevailing in Scottish Football and prevailing well at that no less…

    This week proves it beyond recognition !

    • Jim Duffy says:

      Well said Clachnacuddin.I can remember when Davy Hay was manager in the eighties after a particularly biased display from the MIB he stated that Celtic should try and get to England to play there football,he was disgusted by the biased refereeing.

  • Mr Thomas Burrows says:

    So wish Fergus could get a role somewhere at the club,he wouldn’t stand for this,he,s not here so the board better grow a pair.????

  • Lawrence de lacy says:

    As a follower of celtic and chelsea , I cannot believe how biased the referees are in Scotland. To me they should have referees from outside of Scotland and var. To me I believe there is to many refs who follow sevco/ rangers , and celtic are up facing a brick wall every game. SFA are not fit for purpose, and FIFA should step in and sort this problem out.

  • Michael McCartney says:

    Celtic should pull out of VAR, the only one’s who would suffer are the cheating and cowardly Scottish referees, as they would be dropped from UEFA and FIFA games on the grounds of their inexperience in the use of VAR.
    The club and supporters are getting treated like fools by the Hampden anti Celtic mafia and we have to look at ways of protesting. I myself think that the time ha come to seriously think of getting out of this League, the hatred for us in Scotland is palpable, it was shown at Tynecastle on Sunday, the frenzy of bile and disrespect shown to our players and handful of supporters at the stadium was disgraceful.
    Enough is enough, we have to look at any reorganisation of European football and seriously try and find a way to escape this anti Celtic/Catholic/Irish culture in Scotland and especially in Scottish football.

    • SSMPM says:

      Simply speaking Michael this Association, this league and this country doesn’t deserve us. HH

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